Hello.  I’m Jason Finger and welcome to my website.  I love building businesses that engage, inspire or assist people.  And, getting to know the entrepreneurs who share that passion is equally exciting to me.  I’ve been involved with a handful of unicorns as the founder, CEO, Seed Investor, Board Director or just plain passive investor.  A bunch of the entrepreneurs I’ve backed have made me an advisor (probably because they feel bad for me but possibly because they feel I have added substantial value).  I’m not a professional investor who makes my living from investing someone else’s money in your business (not that there’s anything at all wrong with that).  Why?  Well, I really like rolling up my sleeves and helping push the boulders up the hill which isn’t really that scalable.  I don’t look for the “no work” deal where I just cut a check and then get an email when I need to sign some consent–though, of course, I’m not necessarily allergic to those opportunities.  I invest my own dough and only get involved in companies if I like the business, I like the founding team and I actually, really, truly want to help build the company.  I’ve trained sales teams, led business development efforts, put together partnerships, developed comp plans, actively participated in off-sites, edited pitch decks, provided lots of stupid ideas that are often properly dismissed by the people living and breathing their companies 24×7, negotiated term sheets, built financial statements, recruited, and served as a midnight sounding board for plenty of founders in connection with my investments.

I generally invest $50-100,000 in seed stage businesses and scale up a bit as the company is later stage.  Sometimes I invest in businesses where I see something really special and the founders aren’t ready for venture capital but we need some time together to figure out exactly what the business can become.

While I love to win (who doesn’t) and am prepared to put in the work to win (that’s the hard part), since I don’t have a fiduciary duty to maximize my returns, my calculation of success includes both quantitative as well as qualitative measures–I’d rather get a 3x and learn something and build strong relationships than generate a 4x and just collect a check.  So, I’m really more interested in meeting quality people and learning about innovative ideas that make me feel excited to be a part of the early-stage ecosystem and have the opportunity to be successful in improving people’s lives.

I have a personal interest in marketplaces, “local”, SaaS and things that have an impact on people’s behavior or well-being (behavioral science fin tech, healthcare, experience-centric offerings) or productivity (efficiency tools/software which I think of as things that enable people to do things they are already doing but just more simply).


Fully Exited